Although I had pretty much decided on Kellogg when I attended DAK, the weekend was still a great way of affirming my decision. I left Evanston with a warm feeling in my chest, having spent two full days wrapped in the warmth of the ultimate Kellogg Snuggie.

I won’t provide an in-depth review of DAK, as D.G. and Soni have already done a bang-up job of covering the weekend, so here are some of my highlights and thoughts on the weekend.

  • The first person I met at DAK was D.G., whose blog I had been secretly following for some time (small world)
  • I previously and unexpectedly met my DAK roommate (great guy) at the Super Saturday Berkeley interview event (smaller world)
  • I was shocked to find another Austinite at the event
  • I asked the keynote speaker the first question after overhearing a girl a few rows back say “Oh god. I hope someone asks him a question.” I don’t remember the particulars of the question, but it had to do with changing one’s approach to tackling difficult situations
  • One of the technology management professors was refreshingly candid when he told me that the curriculum would probably be much easier than the engineering undergrad
  • I know I look young for my age, but Northwestern undergrad students look like they are 10. I was waiting to see one slip a protective sipper lid over their beer
  • From what I understand, KWEST is the best thing ever….ever….seriously…..ever
  • I was pleased to see myself in the DAK wrap-up video multiple times; I didn’t count, but it was 3 times total

To see my videos and pictures from the event, head on over to