Ten days. That is how long I have to prepare for an interview with BCG on the 15th at the Dallas office. Keep in mind that MBA students spend an entire semester networking with consulting firms, practicing case studies, learning basic business theories and principles, etc. Needless to say, I am a bit worried.

The interview is for the BCG Scholars Program, and if I’m successful, I’ll come away with a $5K scholarship and an internship for summer 2010. I almost missed out on the program, since it wasn’t mentioned in the admitted student’s forum, and I didn’t come across it during any of my scholarship searches. Fortunately, my Kellogg buddy sent me an email with information on the program last month (major hat tip to Guillermo for that lead). I immediately went to work on the application and essay and submitted both a week later. That was like the 40-somethingth essay that I’ve written since starting the MBA journey, and I’d love to say that they’ve gotten easier, but I still struggle with each one.

Yesterday, roughly one month later, I received the invitation to interview with BCG. I got the email late in the evening, and it is safe to say that it made my night. I called today to setup my travel arrangements for the interview with BCG’s travel organization; they are totally paying for the flight and any related travel expenses, which is great, because I’m not doing a very good job of saving money at this point. Unfortunately, since I live so close to Dallas, I had to select an early morning flight (way too early) the day of the interview.

I’ve picked up 2 books to help me prepare for the case interview, Vault.com Guide to the Case Interview and Case in Point: Complete Case Interview Preparation, and I’ve already started reading through them. I’ll now spend the next 9 days studying, struggling through practice cases, and worrying about the interview. I’m a bit concerned about the fact that I don’t have a business background (hence going to grad school), but I’m hopeful that I can still pull off a decent interview.

On a related note, I am extremely impressed with the opportunities that I have already encountered thanks to Kellogg. I wouldn’t have even been able to apply for this program if I had gone with my other options. I am certain more than ever that I made the right choice.