Just wanted to share this story that I stumbled upon that contains first-hand accounts of the 2009 recruiting experience by 5 current Kellogg students. In the article, it sounds like recruiting (networking, company information sessions, interviewing, etc) is still going at full speed, but actual job/internship offers are a lot harder to come across, especially in the more popular fields.

A few of the students mentioned trying unsuccessfully to switch into consulting. There is also a mention of one’s “personal brand”, something I was advised on by a BCG rep and wrote about a few posts back. Plenty of reasons to start networking as early as possible!


BTW, if anyone wants to borrow my case books (Vault guide and Case in Point) come fall, just let me know. Oh, and one of my classmates let me know that we have access to Vault.com resources via the internal Kellogg website.