I have 11 days of work left; four days until I move out of the house and become a nomad for the rest of my time in Austin; twenty three days until I head up to Evanston with my parents (can’t wait to explore the area with them); and a little over a month until I go on my KWEST trip with 20+ classmates. Needless to say, I feel like I am fast approaching the beginning of the two years that will mark the start of the next chapter of my life.

The Kellogg Fall quarter class selection form (hardly a form; it had 4 choices and a submit button) went live a few days ago. I had to choose between Finance I, TurboFinance (combines FinI and FinII), Microeconomic Analysis, and Marketing Management. The other three classes I’ll be taking are assigned by Kellogg and common to everyone.

Throughout the past week, there has been an ongoing discussion amongst incoming students on Twitter and an MBA Forum on whether to take FinI or TurboFinance. The decision seems to rest on whether you want a deeper understanding of Finance (take FinI and then FinII, since then you devote more time to it) or the ability to take an extra elective and cover the topics in FinI/II (take TurboFinance).

I was leaning towards TurboFinance, but I was curious to find out what the workload was like. I sent an email to my Kellogg buddy, who was able to get feedback from two of his classmates that took the class. They reported that the workload is 2x as much as FinI because you get less time to complete each assignment, but that it was manageable as part of a 4-course schedule (given you work a bit harder). That was enough to sell me on it, as I’m looking to take a lot of electives to gain a wide breadth of knowledge at Kellogg; I figure that I’ll gain a deeper understanding in the areas that are most applicable to my career by actually applying those skills on the job afterwards. I’ll definitely blog periodically on what TurboFinance is like as I go through the quarter.

Speaking of blogging, I have committed to keeping this blog updated regularly throughout my time at Kellogg. I figure that I’ll have enough free time to do it since I won’t have to worry about recruiting during the first year. Now that I’ve stated that commitment publicly, I’ll look like a real jacka** if I don’t follow through, and I don’t want that. Consider that my motivation!