Remember how in that last post, I said that I would occasionally post things that have nothing to do with business school. Well this is one of those posts.

I’ve finally finished all of my personal To-Do items related to the move, like moving my 401K into a rollover IRA and reinvesting, readjusting my insurance to reflect my lack of a car and new rental property, etc.

Now that I’ve taken care of those items, I am settling into a nice groove and slowly making my apartment feel like home (albeit an empty, empty home). For example, I made dinner the past couple of nights. It was a slightly modified version of what I’ve been eating weekly for the past 3 or so years in Austin: rice and salmon. Fortunately, I have no qualms with eating the same meal on a weekly or even daily basis, per my usual work lunch.

I’ve also taken a few leisurely strolls through Evanston and the campus, opting to take a new route whenever possible to get to familiar places in hopes of discovering a new bit of treasure in the sand.

In my apartment, I’ve been reading, social networking, listening to music, and playing guitar. Although I am still a far ways off from my old peak guitar-playing skill level, I am seeing incremental improvements every time I pick up the guitar. Today, I noticed that I was playing a bit more fluidly than the last time I recorded myself. I also noticed that like most of the guitar players I enjoy listening to, I can’t stop myself from making stupid faces when I play. I don’t understand why I pucker my lips, but nonetheless, I do.

BTW, the song is called “Heart of Life”, and it’s by John Mayer.