There are an unbelievably large number of opportunities to get involved during your time at Kellogg, including almost 90 clubs. The school prides itself on the high level of student involvement in all aspects of the program. The fact that Kellogg is a “student-run program” is repeated on a daily basis, sometimes more than once, via emails, presentations, and club fliers, which are posted all over the place, including the bathrooms (this is considered prime marketing real estate in Jacobs).

I think I’m starting to get the hang of 18-hour days packed with HW, classes, activities, and socializing. Now that I’m getting my groove back, Stella style, I’ve started branching out a bit into some of the Kellogg organizations.

Kellogg Rugby Football Club

I’ve joined the KRFC. I’m already spending a lot of time in the gym, so this is a bit of redundant from an exercise standpoint, but it has been a great experience so far. The other players are all great guys, and I couldn’t ask for a better team. I’m surprised at how many “first-time” players have come out. Unfortunately, if things get hectic, this will be one of the first things I sacrifice.

Kellogg Admissions Class Host
I’ve volunteered to be a class host. Whenever a potential student comes to sit in on a class at Kellogg, they are ushered around by a class host. It’s a low involvement activity; all I have to do is meet up with the visiting hopeful 15 minutes before one of my classes and then walk them there. I think it will be a good way to meet some future Kellogg students. I don’t know how they assign hosts to visitors, but if you are coming to campus, don’t be afraid to ask for me by name! I promise to show you a good time ^_^.

Neighborhood Business Initiative
This is the school’s only volunteer consulting program, which places teams of student consultants on projects for a variety of non-profit organizations in the Chicago area. As a student, you can apply for either a Team Lead or Consultant role and select your 5 preferred projects, which are categorized by their primary function, such as Marketing or Strategy. I applied for the program, but I haven’t heard back yet, so there is a chance I may not get selected. A few of my friends were selected for Team Lead roles though, so if I don’t get selected, I’ll live vicariously through them.

UPDATE: I just found out a couple of minutes after posting this that I got assigned to my first choice for NBI; I’m totally working with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra!

Kellogg Student Association
Last night I was gearing up to go to sleep around 1 AM, when I received an email from the KSA President imploring folks in my section (Jive Turkeys) to consider applying for one of the available positions. I started mulling it over, and after some consideration, decided to run for the Academics Section Representative. The position is a 2-year commitment, and it involves working with Deans, professors, and faculty to assess the academic curriculum and lead initiatives to make improvements and address student needs. We had to submit a platform, so I spent 40 minutes writing one up and sent it out. I should know by the end of the week if I am elected; I still don’t know if anyone else will run for it. Here is the platform I submitted:

Name: Orlando O’Neill
Position: Jive Turkey Academics Section Representative
Platform: We have all made significant personal, professional, and most importantly, financial sacrifices in order to attend Kellogg. In return, I believe that we are owed an academic experience of the highest caliber during our time here.

As the Academics Section Representative, I would work to ensure that we receive that experience by collaborating with the faculty and other representatives to:

  • Institute a mid-course evaluation form designed to provide student feedback that can be utilized by the professors to address the immediate student concerns. For example, this feedback may include suggestions to discuss more international cases in a course.
  • Create industry-specific 1st-year course suggestions that can provide Kellogg students with an additional advantage throughout the recruiting process and summer internship. For example, incoming students should be made aware if the material covered in a course like Financial Decisions was extremely beneficial to a majority of students that went into consulting internships.
  • Gather student feedback to identify weaknesses in the curriculum and address those deficiencies, via new electives, presentations, or any other means possible.

To summarize, my platform is built around improving communication among students and faculty at Kellogg. In closing, gobble.There is still one other club that I’d like to get involved in, but they still haven’t started taking applications. In addition, I’ve also been attending events daily for some of the other clubs. Not only do they cover fantastic topics (for example, I’ve listened to a CEO/professor talk about General Management and a Volkswagon VP discuss leadership), but they also generally provide free food!