I’m attending a real estate financial modeling workshop hosted by the Real Estate club right now, and I thought I’d take a small portion of the lunch break to write something up on diversity at Kellogg, specifically with regards to Hispanics. Jeremy, a classmate in the JD-MBA program, has written up a couple of great posts that go into more detail on the subject than I plan to.

In my class of over 500, there are only 16 Hispanics (3%), which Kellogg defines as American born students of Spanish descent (the number goes up if you include Latinos, those born outside of the US). I was shocked by the number when it was first mentioned during CIM. Kellogg does a great job of putting together a diverse class, and I don’t think the problem is any indication of a flaw in their process. Rather, I think that the problem has to do with a diminishing supply of Hispanic applicants as you move up into the top business school tiers.

Earlier this week, I was at a Bain & Company event in their Chicago office, and I had a chance to ask their North American Head of Diversity Recruiting about the topic. She also felt that the problem was related to supply, especially at the recruiting level, where you have a lot of companies that have identified diversity as an important strategic component vying for that small pool of resources.

On a related note, Kellogg has a Minority Preview Weekend coming up in about a month, and although registration is full, it is still possible to put yourself on the waitlist. I didn’t attend last year, but based on Jeremy’s blog post, it looks like a great way to learn about the school. They are even pulling out some of the ROCKSTAR professors to do mock classes for the attendants. I’m hoping to squeeze in Professor Rogers’ Entrepreneurial Finance course this year.

Kellogg Preview: Minority Prospective Student Weekend – November 13-14, 2009
The admissions office along with the Africa Business Club, Black Management Association, and Hispanic Business Student Association are excited to once again host this annual event. Over this two day event, participants will enjoy mock classes with Professor Harry Kraemer and Professor Steve Rogers and connect with an assigned KPW Buddy while interacting with students from the larger Kellogg community. I’ll be participating in a student panel on behalf of the Hispanic Business Student Association during the Preview Weekend; I’ll be the one nervously fumbling with the microphone I’m sure. If you happen to be attending or are going to be on campus for anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m more than happy to find some time to sit down, chat, and answer any questions that you might have.