Midterms have officially begun in the Kellogg bubble. This momentous occasion was preceded by a temporary surge of students into the Quiet Study Room (QSR). The QSR is where students go when they want to work on something with minimal distractions. The Loud Study Room (LSR) is where you go if you don’t mind stopping periodically to chat it up with classmates. One of my 2nd-year section leaders quipped that “the QSR is where the antisocials study.” That said, I’m a regular in the QSR, and I’m pretty familiar with who the other regulars are at this point.

I have two midterms this week: Business Strategy (tomorrow) and TurboFinance (take-home). I’ve been working on the TurboFin midterm for a while now, and I’m procrastinating a bit before I switch gears to Biz Strat. I’ve run out of interesting websites and videos, so I’ve decided to write an update on the activities I am/was involved in.

Unfortunately, this is out. I quit the team two weeks and over $200 after joining. It is hard to stay conditioned and go to practice/games regularly with how dynamic the schedule is. In addition, all of my group meetings kept overlapping with practice. I kept on waffling on this decision because of how much fun I was having, but in the end, I had to accept that rugby wasn’t a priority for me during my time at Kellogg.

KSA Academic Rep
I ended up losing the election to my classmate and fellow Texan (preKellogg, not by birth), Ram. I was glad to see him win the position, because he is ridiculously well qualified for it. Ram has a PhD in engineering, and he used to be a professor at UT. My section couldn’t ask for a better Academic rep.

As a side note to future Kellogg students, if you really want a position, be prepared to work for it, though sometimes that isn’t necessary.

Neighborhood Business Initiative (NBI)
We are 3 weeks into our NBI project, which is fantastic. I was ecstatic when I found out what we were doing, but I soon realized that trying to handle all of it was way too ambitious for our timeframe. We’ve since reduced the project’s scope and are now ramping up on the work. NBI requires a lot of outside time, so I’ve been stuggling a bit to do my due diligence on it.

Consulting Club 1st-Year Director
After wrestling with the decision for a while, I decided to apply for, and subsequently received one of the six 1st-year Director positions in the Consulting Club. I was afraid that by trying to help my classmates I’d actually be taking away an opportunity for one of them to network and obtain an internship with a consulting firm. In the end, I don’t know if I made the right decision, but I intend to do everything possible to help out in order to justify the decision (for me at least). I’m attending the first leadership meeting for the club later today and then helping out at a BCG info session afterward.

Class Host
I’m the class host for my 1:30 DECS class on Tuesdays, but I still haven’t had to take any prospectives to class. This class has actually been at the center of a storm here at Kellogg, as most students have been complaining about the disparity between the teaching materials and course difficulty that resulted from an overhaul of the course this year. The administration has been very receptive to the concerns that students are voicing, and we are already seeing changes to the curriculum in response.

I’m also doing some temporary events, like case competitions and Drag TG this Friday. Hopefully, I’ll be able to put up a (potentially career-limiting) video of our performance at TG sometime in the future.