Well, that didn’t take very long at all.

Last week, Stephen and I made a friendly bet to see who could get to 200 unique daily visits first. The loser would have to buy the winner a box of delicious donuts. At the time, I was averaging around 55 uniques a day, and he was at something like 40. I thought the contest would be a fun way to motivate us to write more, ultimately benefiting the folks that follow our blogs.

It seemed like a great idea, but then Stephen had to ruin the fun by increasing his daily traffic over 500% in a week in order to win the whole thing.  Although there are a lot of potential explanations for how he managed to do this, the easiest one is that he writes very thoughtful blog posts.  So much so, that one his posts on the value of Twitter was picked up and carried on Pehub.com.

Congratulations Stephen! I now owe you a box of donuts, which I’ll be getting from Bennison’s Bakery because they make the best donuts in Evanston.  I hope you are hungry!