BusinessWeek is going to host a live chat with Beth Flye, Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions at Kellogg, tomorrow.  She is the one that called to deliver the good news to me back in 12/2008 during an inopportune time….I was on the “throne”…anyways,

More information about the event is available at BusinessWeek’s site.  Great opportunity to take your questions to the folks that are actually in the know.
<blockquote>Live Chat: Kellogg Admissions</blockquote><blockquote>Kellogg’s MBA admissions director Beth Flye fields questions about the application process, while career services guru Carla Edelston discusses the recruiting outlook</blockquote><blockquote><div id="inset"><div id="insetContent"><div class="module" id="insetExtras"><div class="media">null </div></div></div></div></blockquote><blockquote><div id="inset"><div id="insetContent"><div class="module" id="insetExtras"><div class="media">Beth Flye
Northwestern </div></div></div></div>
Chat: Jan. 28, at 11 a.m. EST

Guests: Beth Flye, assistant dean and director of admissions at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, and Carla Edelston, senior associate director of the school’s Career Management Center</blockquote>