When the iPad was announced at the end of last month, it caused a bit of a stir at Kellogg. On Twitter, we immediately started poking fun at the name. A few professors got on their blogs to discuss or deride the new product. After moving past the “iPad” jokes, we started to discuss how popular the product would be and who would actually use it. The discussion seemed to focus around who Apple was (or wasn’t) targeting with the iPad.

Although the jury is still out, it is exciting to know that we’ll probably be able to judge the success (or failure) of the iPad before we graduate; by the same time next year, Apple should already be ramping up to release version 2 of the iPad, and there should be some info on adoption rates.

Another issue that the iPad announcement raised was how Amazon would respond with the next version of their Kindle. Again, we had a few brief discussions about it via Twitter. Personally, I think that Amazon should avoid trying to move the Kindle in the direction of a general computing device, a la iPad. I’m pretty certain that they won’t be able to provide a better user experience, and in the process, they would just move themselves further into the iPad’s shadow (to await a quiet death). Instead, I think they should make the Kindle into the best e-book device on the market and focus on that segment.

For example, they could highlight the Kindle’s 1-week battery life, which is due in part to e-Ink’s low power consumption, versus the iPad’s 10-hour battery life.  The battery life for both products is probably overly optimistic (my cell phone is supposed to have something like 5 hours of talk time, but it dies after something closer to 2.5 hours), but nonetheless, X% of 1 week is still a lot better than X% of 10 hours.

The idea above, coupled with my desire to procrastinate right now, led me to put together a very cheesy sample commercial showing one way that Amazon might flaunt this advantage.  Fair warning, I’m a pretty crummy actor, but hopefully, you’ll get the point.

Sample Kindle vs iPad Concept from Orlando O’Neill on Vimeo.

Yes….that was an aluminum-foil tablet PC; very high tech, I know!  Anyone recognize the song at the end?