Two weeks ago I wrote about Deloitte’s innovative and industry-leading social media presence (go ahead…see for yourself).

I just learned that this was no accident; it was part of an orchestrated recruiting campaign that Deloitte recently announced.  I learned about the campaign via this story that their Twitter account, @lifeatdeloitte, linked to today.  The article describes the different components of their campaign, including a Facebook and LinkedIn element.  Here is a brief excerpt from the story:
<blockquote>Deloitte has launched an innovative recruiting campaign aimed at showcasing the organization’s culture and people to attract the next wave of high-potential talent.  “It’s your future.  How far will you take it?” is the theme of the new campaign.  It integrates several interactive social media channels, including a new recruiting micro-site and Twitter feed that feature profiles of Deloitte employees and offer potential recruits a glimpse of what it is like to pursue a career with Deloitte.</blockquote>All I can say is “bravo.”  Social media is utilized everyday by my b-school classmates (mainly Facebook, though LinkedIn and Foursquare are picking up steam, and there are even a few brave souls on Twitter), and I imagine that it will continue to grow even more ubiquitous.  As a company, if you aren’t fully utilizing these tools, which provide free, highly effective marketing opportunities, I think you are putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage going forward.

I wonder how long until the other consulting firms follow Deloitte’s lead…

BTW, if you don’t have a LinkedIn account, get one. Seriously, do it now.<p>