This is a brief follow up to an earlier post about how great I think it is that professors are willing to be in student videos.  It really speaks to the culture at Kellogg, which involves learning a lot (from professors, activities, and each other) while having a good time.

Furthermore, the professors are really easy to to get a hold of, and they seem to genuinely care about making time to talk with and help students.  Just last week, I spent 2 hours chatting with Prof. Arjmand, a retired Accenture partner, about his career in consulting.  This week, Professor Van Camp, told the class that we could always reach out to her and ask for advice on any presentation/public-speaking topics, even after we’ve left Kellogg.  I’m certain that I’ll take her up on the offer at some point.

In this video, which was just “released,” there are a number of cameos, including Interim Dean Chopra, Professor Mazzeo, and Professor Allon, who just received the Professor of the Year award.

Poker Night with the Professors from Kellogg DSC on Vimeo.