I just read this story via André’s latest blogpost about an NYU Stern professor’s response to a student’s email regarding the class’ late policy, and it is spectacular.  I highly recommend you head on over and check out the story.

Here is my favorite part of the professor’s email:
<blockquote>xxxx, get your shit together.

Getting a good job, working long hours, keeping your skills relevant, navigating the politics of an organization, finding a live/work balance…these are all really hard, xxxx. In contrast, respecting institutions, having manners, demonstrating a level of humility…these are all (relatively) easy. Get the easy stuff right xxxx.</blockquote>Wow!  I imagine that shortly after sending this email the professor poured himself a glass of scotch, went outside, and slowly sipped on his drink while smoking a cigar.

For the record, I doubt you would ever see an email like this from a professor at Kellogg.  But if it did happen, and the class found out who it was addressed to, that student would never live it down.