At the bottom of the blog you will find a new, tediously hand-coded list of the classes and professors that I have taken (or will take) at Kellogg. Furthermore, each item is linked to either the course description or professor bio; I couldn’t help thinking that these links will eventually all be broken as Kellogg changes their website as I added it.  This is pretty similar to what Jeremy has up on his blog.

I added the list so that I could quickly track the classes that I’ve taken and remember all of my professors’ names (I had already forgotten 2) and so that you could know what I’ve taken, in case you have any questions about the classes (what the professor is like, workload, how big a binder you’ll need, etc).

One thing the list doesn’t convey is my changing attitude toward how to spend my time here.  Coming into the program, I was expecting to take a lot of Finance and Strategy classes, with some Entrepreneurship classes sprinkled in for flavor.  Now, I’m putting a lot more emphasis on Marketing, Management & Organizations, and Management & Strategy.  This was driven by my exposure to classes and the advice I’ve heard from multiple professors and speakers.

Spring quarter will be the first time that my schedule isn’t dominated by Core classes, which have mostly been very interesting,  so I’m pretty stoked.<p>