Last Tuesday was my last class and presentation for MORS-450, Management Communications, a class that I think will ultimately be very valuable for me.  Unlike other classes where it is hard to bridge the divide between the scholastic (unrealistically ideal) and the actual (real world), I can safely say that the lessons I learned for improving both content and style are directly applicable outside of the classroom.

I was able to use them the next night for my team’s final presentation in my other MORS class, Managing People for Competitive Advantage, and I’ll have at least one more opportunity to do so over Spring Break.  Although I feel like I’ve been able to make some great progress, I consider it only the beginning of what will no doubt be a long, ongoing process.

For my last presentation, I went with the thesis Medicare recipients should get full prescription drug coverage through the federal government.  Here are my slides for the presentation.


Like my last presentation (Raising the Minimum Driving Age to 25), the slides were completely optional, and so I treated them purely as a supplement.  Therefore, don’t expect to get a 100% overview of my presentation from the slides.

In fact, they didn’t even have to contain much information, given that they were not meant to be a standalone resource.  All of my arguments, statistical and anecdotal evidence, and references were included in a presentation outline that I submitted to the professor as part of the assignment.

I’m looking forward to getting back the feedback from my professor and classmates.<p>