I haven’t been posting as often this quarter because of a slight miscalculation in what my workload would be like. I’m taking 5 classes, and although I thought about dropping one last week, I ultimately decided to stick it out because after this quarter, next year will seem much easier from a workload perspective; assuming that I take 4 classes throughout…or perhaps take 4 and audit 1.

I took 5 classes last quarter, and I thought that was a reasonable approximation of what to expect going forward, but here are the reasons that isn’t true.
<ol><li>Management Communications wasn’t very concept heavy.  The things we learned weren’t conceptually difficult, so it was just a matter of applying them on a weekly basis to the presentations.  Furthermore, the workload was stacked at the end of the quarter.</li><li>There is a lot more reading this quarter.  Last quarter, there wasn’t much to read for Marketing, Microeconomics, or Management Communications.  The reading that I did have was normally a lot easier to get through as well (DECS book is an easy read and McKinsey/HBR articles are interesting).  On the other hand, reading the OPNS book this quarter is painful.</li><li>There is a lot more group work this quarter.  Although I had group assignments last quarter, they were all weekly assignments that could easily be tackled via the Divide and Conquer approach.  This meant that it was possible to work on it however best suited your schedule.  In contrast, this quarter I have 3 quarter-long group projects and all of the work is much harder to D&C.  This slows things down because of the group dynamics (everyone has different opinions, views, etc) and the scheduling conflicts (you are now working around X schedules that don’t align well; say hello to weekend meetings again).</li><li>There are several one-off items that have taken up a lot of time so far.  The case competition before the start of the quarter caused me to start a bit behind in every class because of first assignments, campaigning for the Consulting Club leadership took a ton of time the past couple of weeks, and I have to take care of some items to prepare for the internship (like finding a place to live).  On top of that, I’ve discovered a latent zest for healthy foods, so I’ve been trying to prepare more of my meals instead of eating out every day.</li></ol>The quarter is looking rough, but I’m certain it will be manageable.  I’ve scheduled everything out via my “Wall of Assignments,” and I have faith in the strength of my teams.  As far as blogging goes, I’m still committed to this as well, though I may limit myself to the weekends.

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