The final assignment for Power in Organizations, MORS-453, is a 15-page personal assessment detailing a plan to leverage what we’ve learned to achieve a professional goal in the near future. I’ve been working on the paper periodically throughout the past few weeks in order to avoid a last-minute rush job, which would be unnecessarily stressful.  Fortunately, it was very easy to pick a situation (my summer internship) and goal (full-time offer).

One of the more interesting frameworks that we’ve picked up in class is the Organizational Logics of Legitimacy (Fame=reputation, Market=customers, Industrial=knowledge/skills, etc.). The objective is to identify the underlying drivers that legitimize one’s actions and influence one’s success in an organization. You can then use the results to determine the Personal Sources of Political Capital (strengths, like Human Capital) that can be most successfully applied in the organization.

Here is what I’ve come up with for consulting, which I compare to IBM, based entirely on second-hand information.

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I’m curious to see how these values will shift after I gain some first-hand experience via the internship.