Simon Johnson speaking at Kellogg

Simon Johnson, the former Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund and an author on  BaseLineScenario, came to speak at Kellogg today as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series.  He covered financial reform a bit, his thoughts on “too big to fail,” and the financial crisis (recent and future).

I’m glad that I happened to have some free time to go catch the speech, which I enjoyed.  The speakers that come to the school have been hit or miss for me, and I’ve learned that a fancy title doesn’t always equate to being a good speaker, with good broadly defined as dynamic, interesting, and engaging.

Simon was kind enough to give out 100 copies of his latest book on a first-come-first-serve basis and yours truly managed to snag one, which he signed for me.

I imagine that the video of the speech will eventually be available on the Kellogg Speaker Videos website, and it may even be public; that seems to be the trend with the latest ones in the series.<p>