I went to work today for the first time in nearly a year, though I must admit, it didn’t feel like work. It felt more like a day at summer camp spent getting to know all of the other campers and eagerly waiting to hear about the upcoming activities. As expected, all of the other interns are very interesting and amiable; the more I learn about their backgrounds, the more impressed I am by the diverse set of people that ended up here for the summer. I expect things to get a lot more serious and “realistic” pretty soon, but for now I’m just enjoying myself.

The offices are pretty new, and as such, they are pretty nice.  BCG is the only company in the building with terraces (not one, but two) overlooking most of downtown Dallas, and it sounds like they are put to good use for office activities.  My office (got to avoid cubicles once again) is dangerously close to one of the kitchens, where peanut M&Ms flow like water.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t succumb to their deliciousness, but I’ve already had some. I’m hoping that whomever restocks the dispenser doesn’t keep track of how often they have to do so; otherwise, they would probably notice an increase in refill activity for just that location starting in June.

We went through a lot of administrative stuff today, but by far my favorite parts were getting “equipped” for the summer with laptops and phones and learning our staffing assignments. When I received my Blackberry (first one I’ve ever had), I felt like the Dude in the Big Lebowski when he gets a pager.  It was awesome.  The staffing was easily the most anticipated thing on the agenda, and it was handled in an almost gameshow-like manner that made it pretty fun. It was pretty crazy to hear about the amount of thought that gets put into staffing projects by the Staffing Team.  I took it as a really good indicator of just how serious the firm is about proactively developing its people. Really neat stuff.<p>