Sometimes I get so bogged down or stressed out with work that I forget to stop and appreciate how atypical (in a good way) my life is.  While waiting on the McKinney Trolly today, I was able to reflect on the past year and everything leading up to it.  I couldn’t help but to be overcome by a sense of gratitude at all of the amazing things that have happened…from my time at IBM, to my fantastic first year at Kellogg, and now my summer at BCG.

And so, I am kicking off my Summer of Gratitude by pledging a percentage of my post-tax salary to some charities that I’m digging via PinkDingo (hat tip to my classmate Tom and his website for clueing me in on the service).  I’ll periodically post a SoG update with a list of things I’m grateful for. This time around it’s all Kellogg-based:
<ol><li>My time at the Kellogg School of Management</li><li>My professors, for trying their best to impart a small bit of wisdom on me…even when I was too tired or stressed out to appreciate it </li><li>The amazing people that I’ve met through this experience</li><li>The amazing opportunities that it has opened up for me</li><li>All of the people that I’ve interacted with via this blog, Twitter, and email (you know who you are!)</li><li>The Class of 2010 graduates and alums that helped guide me through the first year</li></ol>Although I’m calling it the Summer of Gratitude, I’m thinking it will be more of a permanent thing.