I went to a nearby shooting range, Elm Fork Shooting Sports, with another intern to try sporting clays for the first time.  I’ve fired a few guns (including a shotgun) at my friend’s ranch in the past, but to be perfectly honest, it really isn’t my thing.  Like before, I was pretty nervous any time that I was handling the shotgun.  Nonetheless, I love trying out new things, and I am glad to say that I had a great time.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I am not terrible at it.  I hit 24 of the 50 clays, and I think I could have hit more if the gun hadn’t misfired a few times, completely killing my rhythm.

My scorecard for sporting clays

Unfortunately, the next morning I found the standard (for me) bruising near my shoulder, and I bruised my cheek up a bit; I’m assuming this means I didn’t hold the gun properly.


As you can see in the video, we went right after work…I’m sure the employees there got a laugh out of our business-casual shooting attire!