Last weekend, when I was hanging out at a local coffee shop sipping on coffee, writing, and people watching, I stumbled onto Dean Blount’s blog (, which I’ve been following ever since.  I still remember the buzz around the school last March when her selection was announced. It was kind of a big deal, so of course I opted to attend the on-campus event where she spoke to the students for the first time post-announcement.  The atrium was packed.

Large audience of interested students came to hear the new Dean's speech

I’m digging the blog so far because:
<ol><li>It is another way to learn about the dean outside of the standard bio and articles that are out there.  Given the investment I’m putting into Kellogg, both in time and money, I want to know that the school is in good hands. </li><li>The posts are easy to digest (great given a hectic schedule).  They aren’t too long or formal, and the writing style isn’t stiff, so it’s not like trying to read through a textbook. </li><li>It’s nice to see the school diving further into the world of social media, which makes sense given the recent trends in b-schools. There are already quite a few professors blogging on a regular basis, but there is something symbolic about the dean doing it that gives it further credibility. Who knows…maybe this will prompt some of the other professors to take up the digital ink, which I think can add to the school’s brand.</li><li>I like the little “iPhone” logo at the bottom of some of the posts</li></ol>It sounds like the dean is going to be blogging for the first 100 days on the job, with new posts coming every week or so. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more.

p.s. I can’t believe the 2nd year starts up in 2 weeks.