The second year starts tomorrow (sort-of) with a preterm week-long course on ethics.  It’s only a half-credit course, but I’ve heard it is really good for a couple of reasons: 1) it lets you ease back into school and 2) you get to take it with your CIM section (Jive Turkeys!), which you won’t have had a class with since the first quarter.  I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m happy to finally be situated in my new apartment (Fortress of Solitude v2), which is a studio in the same building that I was in for the first year. 

Fortress of Solitude v2

I’m not going to lie, moving into a new apartment between school years was a big hassle (and time sink), and I only moved intra-building. Fortunately, a whole lot of events happened to fall into place to make the process a bit easier. For example, my old apartment didn’t lease for a while, so I was able to keep my things boxed up in there for a few weeks after I left. Furthermore, I was able to sub-let the new apartment to one of my classmates for a couple of months, and he agreed to move my things while I was in the Big-D interning away; that was a big lifesaver. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend putting yourself through the stress unless you know the move will be easy, like moving to McManus, which is probably easy since the apts are furnished, or will be saving a considerable amount of money (this was my reason, as I still need to pay property taxes on my house in Austin).

This quarter should hopefully be a lot less stressful than the last one. I’m limiting myself to 4 classes, and I made a last minute course change that seriously improved my schedule.  I decided to drop Pricing Strategies, and switch into a course that was just added, Marketing in the C Suite and Boardroom. The new marketing course is being co-taught by Professor Jain, who was the last official Kellogg dean before Dean Blount, and it includes a great lineup of topics and guest speakers. I would have liked to stay in the pricing course, which looks extremely useful for the consulting gig, but the time didn’t work very well (middle of the afternoon on Tuesday and Friday) given that I expect to be traveling during a few weekends in the quarter. With the new schedule, I finish most days by 10am, and only have 1 class on 3 days (in exchange for 2 nighttime 3-hour classes).

It feels great going into this second year completely revitalized.  It’s amazing what 1 week off from everything can do for the body/mind/soul.  After wrapping up work last week, I went with the GF to San Diego, which was absolutely beautiful.  We were able to visit the zoo, go paragliding, which is an awesome way to ease into skydiving methinks, and see Shamu!


I’m hoping to catch up on a backlog of posts that I have stored in my head, including some on the internship and BCG Texas in the next week. Hopefully I’ll find the time to lay them down via the digital ink.