Last Friday, I wrapped up the weeklong pre-term course, SEEK440A - Values and Crisis Decision Making. My section’s (same group I went through CIM with) class was taught by Prof. Diermeier, who did an amazing job.  Although I went in with the impression that it was a course on ethics, that only represented a small portion of what we covered.

The course primarily focused on crisis management, including how to anticipate and react to crises at various stages.  I’m glad that we covered the topic in the core, because I otherwise probably wouldn’t have even thought about it, although I regularly read about these situations, such as Apple’s Antennagate and Target’s donationgate.  The class provided a good introduction to build on and fundamentals that I think work regardless of the situation. I’ll probably spend some more time looking into the subject outside of class.

I wish that it had focused a bit more on recent events. In particular, I think that some companies are learning the hard way how social media can make a single person into an effective activist (or 15 writers in this case) or elevate an obscure issue into a BIG crisis (pun intended).  I imagine that protecting a brand will just continue to get trickier and trickier going forward. <p>