…but not that HarD. We just wrapped up case number 9 of 16 for Financial Decisions, and boy howdy, that class is time consuming. I don’t think that I’m spending as much time this quarter on any other class as I am on FinD. For this last case, I took on ownership of the analysis, which is pretty hard for me because I’m still getting used to the gray area inherent in creating financial models and valuations. Nonetheless, I muddled through, and after spending 10 hours on it the last couple of days, managed to get another case under my belt.

Although the class requires a lot of work, I absolutely love it. We are learning a lot of stuff that is directly applicable to the “real world” (I’ve been assured as much by a number of classmates and alums). Furthermore, the class is helping me clear up some of the concepts that I picked up in TurboFin but never really got comfortable with. I kind of wish that I had taken at least 1 more finance class during the first year to improve my comfort levels, especially with how important the bottom line is to everything, but what’s done is done.

Fortunately, my luck with teams has continued, and I’ve managed to end up in a great group with classmates that I had never worked with before. Everyone seems to be comfortable challenging each other, joking around (we’ve been going after the elusive check plus for a while now), as well as teasing each other whenever we make mistakes (often). For example, contrary to what Valuation may say, I’ve learned that assuming the beta of debt is zero is not a good idea in WACC calculations.

Like some of the other workload intensive courses, FinD is probably not the best course to take during recruiting season, especially if you have to combine it with other heavy courses, but if you have no other choice, I wouldn’t pass up on it.

On an unrelated front, I got my midterm back in FinR. At first, I thought I had done pretty well given how hard the test was, but then I confirmed with the professor that my grade should have been over 150, and not 100, which had accidentally been written on my test. Yikes. So now, I’m going to have to devote a little bit more attention to that class.