Kellogg Insight Montage Complete

Mission accomplished. After getting some helpful hints, I was able to locate all of the current Kellogg Insight posters (shown above), which are spread out between the Jacobs Center and Allen Center (Exec MBA building). Getting the ones in the Allen center took a little bit of smooth (not too smooth though) talking, ultimately requiring an escort to and from the posters. Just in case you want it, here is the link to the original (now weighing in at 9600x8000px).

I also learned a little more about the posters. It turns out that they represent work that is a bit older, so they are like the greatest hits, or a “Legacy of Insight.” The great thing is that the school makes the latest faculty research available on the Kellogg Insight website. Anytime I go on there, I search for the professors I’ve had just to see what they are up to. My DECS1 professor, Prof. Harold, currently has some of his research featured on the page. And…there is a Dean’s office in the bowels of Jacobs where mini versions of all of the posters are arranged on the wall. After seeing it in person today, I can say that it looks pretty slick.

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