Last Friday, I made it out to the Kellogg Marketing Competition, which was held during the usual TG (happy hour-type event on Fridays hosted by different clubs weekly) hours in the atrium. I missed most of the competition last year because we were competing in the 2nd round of the A.T. Kearney Case Competition, so I was glad to be able to experience this time around. The Marketing Competition and Drag TG are probably the biggest TG events of the year, and regardless of if you opt out of every other TG, you should make the effort to attend these two. Jeremy has a good write-up on this year’s competition, so I won’t bother with one, but I do have some pics and a walk-through video to share! 

I thought the promotional flyer for the competition looked pretty slick.
Nice looking promotional material for the competition

And the competition definitely brought a lot of students out.
The scene in the atrium early on

Finally, as you can probably tell from the video, the entire event was pretty fun/energetic. I came away with two bottles of laundry detergent for 16 tickets.
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