A while back, I was contacted by a representative from Harvard asking to use a screen shot of my post on course bidding results from the summer for a case that a professor was writing. I agreed and asked if I could get a copy of the case in return (to find out how on earth that post tied to anything academic). I never heard back from the rep (kind of crummy in my opinion), so I finally opted to buy the case today. Although the representative never made good on his word, I am content in knowing that I managed to get the phrase “minesweeper boom edition” into an official HBR case (seriously…).

Having read through the case and learned about the HBS course scheduling system, which couldn’t be more different from the one at Kellogg, I still have no idea why my post is in there. It’s never even referenced! Nonetheless, minesweeper boom edition…. (I should add this accomplishment to my resume methinks).

Case: Chances Are? (711-417) by Professor Halaburda

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