2/3 of the way there!

The Wall of Assignments came down today, signaling the end of another quarter. It officially ended last night, after I wrapped up my first and only final of the quarter in Financial Reporting and Analysis. The final was as long as I expected, and although I felt much better about it than the midterm, when I took a serious shellacking, I’m still a bit uneasy about the class. I’m hoping that I can at least pull off a B, but it’s hard to tell because outside of the midterm, most of the other assignments have means/averages hovering above 95%….so who knows where I’m at.

Outside of the final, I also had the last class for Marketing in the C suite and the Boardroom last Tuesday.

Last day of C Suite Level Marketing. Full class!

For the last class, Professors Patel and Jain both walked us through a condensed version of their careers while telling stories and imparting the lessons that they picked up along the way. It seemed like an emotional experience for Professor Jain in particular, who is ending a long career with Kellogg to transition into the role of Dean at INSEAD. Given that this was the first time the class was offered, there is definitely room for improvement, but there were still plenty of memorable moments, especially given the amazing guest speakers (including the CMO of Coca Cola). They hinted at some of the speakers they are trying to line up for the Spring session, and I don’t want to give anything away…cough…BMW…cough, but it sounds like the makings of another great lineup.

I have a couple of days in Evanston to clean the apartment and get everything in order before I go to Houston/Austin for 3 much-needed weeks off with friends and family.

It may be a bit premature to say this, but I feel like the end of grad school is now firmly in sight.