During the 3rd quarter (Mar-Jun 1st year), my most challenging class was easily Advanced Business Strategy, at least in terms of raw workload. In particular, our final project on NBCU was at times overwhelming, taking up a considerable amount of time throughout the quarter. When I finally finished the 1st draft of my portion of the project, I felt an incredible sense of relief, even though we still had to do more work to bring all of the portions together.

As tough as the project may have been, I did appreciate the fact that by the end of it I had picked up a pretty deep understanding of the industry and a few of the major trends. It also happened to be somewhat similar to the type of experience that I’m expecting in consulting: working on a problem in an unfamiliar industry, coming up with some hypotheses, doing research to prove/disprove the hypotheses, and reiterating on all of it as necessary while trying to also generate output.

I stumbled onto the paper while organizing some files a few days ago, and after some brief reminiscing (is it too early to be doing that?), decided to try and share my portion of it since it is one of the more intense assignments I’ve had while here. Fortunately, I was able to get the professor’s approval, so…voila!

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