I love technologies, organizations, schools, etc, that allow people from different backgrounds, cultures, etc, to come together, because unpredictable and beautiful things can then come about from the cross-pollination. Case in point:

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According to Freshness Factor Five Thousand, Jason Mraz’s blog, what you have here is:
<blockquote style="font-family: inherit;"><div>Qawwali Flamenco is a meeting between the Pakistani Sufi tradition of Qawwali and Spanish Flamenco. Though the genres may appear quite different, they are actually very similar in that the music invites improvisational story telling, crying and wailing about love lost and found, from subjects spanning from romance to god devotion. </div><div>
</div><div>The double album was recorded live at the Fes Festival of Sacred Music, Morocco, in June 2005. Faiz Ali Faiz leads his Qawwali Ensemble, while Miguel Poveda and Juan ‘Duquende’ Cortes are joined by guitarist Chicuelo to form the Spanish contingent.</div></blockquote>