The summer before applying to Kellogg, I spent a few months working on a Perl/CGI-based website called Online Investment Board ( The idea was to create a “Craigslist” to match people that needed capital with small investors. It was an attempt to create an online angel investor network.

Shortly after getting a beta version online, I shifted gears to grad school applications and then preparing for grad school, eventually deciding to take down the site and archive the code.

Although the site has been long gone, I got on the Wayback Machine and decided to look it up for giggles. I was surprised to find a couple of archived versions of it, though all of the “sweet” graphics and CSS formatting have been lost.

The OIboard homepage!

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And some of my first postings, which I attracted via Facebook ads (I was shocked to find at the time that people actually clicked on them) and were undoubtedly spam/scams.

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