The view from in here #TechMKTG

As promised, we livetweeted our Tech Marketing class with Prof. Sawhney earlier tonight. As far as I can tell, the experiment was a success. Although I was initially afraid it would detract from class, it ended up improving my focus once I got the hang of it, because I was so intent on finding key points to tweet about. The other students that were involved felt the same way. Here’s a brief summary of tonight.
<ul><li>Started with 3 students tweeting and ended with 6</li><li>Got to meet some new people in class</li><li>Also had some alums join in with a few tweets</li><li>Put out 94 tweets in 3 hours</li><li>Hopefully provided a pretty good overview of what was covered in the class</li><li>Put one of the key learnings from the class to work: Ethnographic research </li><li>Fairly certain we are one of the first, if not the first, MBA programs to livetweet a full class. Woohoo!!!</li><li>Probably going to continue doing this weekly </li></ul>The stream of tweets is still available here, but given how works, it won’t be up for too long, so read it while it’s hot!