I recently noticed that more BCG Twitter accounts have sprung up since the last time I checked.

  • BConsultantG - This is the oldest account and by far the most active…though that is still pretty inactive all things considered. Tweeter is a North American consultant
  • BCGinsider - The second account to spring up.  Also from a consultant somewhere in North America
  • BCG_Consultant - One of the newest accounts. Not sure where the Tweeter is located
  • BCG_Associate - The other new account…obviously from an associate

The objective of all of the accounts seems to be to provide a perspective of life at BCG, and the last two are even up for answering questions via DM or @replies. The newest accounts look official, though it may be part of a grassroots initiative within the company for all I know.

Either way, I am really glad to see the company finally starting to get active in this space. I think that when you have a strong culture and offer a great environment to work and grow in, being as transparent as possible about the company is a huge competitive advantage, particularly for recruiting. That’s why I wrote about why companies should embrace social media a few months back. Although I am extremely^2 biased, I think the company (Texas system at least :) ) offers all that and more (Fortune seems to agree given they ranked it the 2nd best company to work for this year), and although I have absolutely no power going into the company, I was hoping to try and get them to embrace social media more. Maybe now I won’t have to worry about it!

Oh, and they also dolled up their website, BCG Perspectives, for sharing research, interviews, etc, a la Kellogg Insight. Always a good move in my opinion.