Exhibit at MOCA, Chicago

I thought that taking my schedule down to 3 classes would allow me to stay on top of things, but that was a fantasy. Once again I am behind on things, though the accompanying stress and sense of urgency are much, much lower. This is a much more zen-like state of being behind, and that has some big time implications on mood (at least it does for me).

Although I started out the quarter with some amazing efficiency, things started to chip away at it. Part of it is that I am reverting back to my normal behavior, which involves spending a lot of time consuming content on the internets. I’m still fighting that, with some success I might add. Another part is that I am really good at filling up my time with things to do, and sometimes I lose myself in one activity at the expense of others. Finally, I’ve realized that when you have a tight schedule, everything that you agree to do outside of that schedule means pushing things back, and it is really hard to make up that time without compromising on other things.

So, what have I been sacrificing lately?

  • Sleep - I was trying to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night, but that has rapidly drifted back down to between 5.5 and 6 hours
  • Exercise - I’ve scaled going to the gym back to 1x every 3 days, but in the last 2 weeks, I’ve been approximately 0 times. The blizzard threw my schedule off, and then, I learned that frolicking in extreme cold without proper protection can lead to a rash (fortunately not contagious), which has since gone away but also limited my desire to do anything phsyical. That said, you really have to push your luck to get there; I was at the point that my hands were hurting a lot during my snow shenanigans…
  • Readings - I’ve pretty much stopped doing any class readings that aren’t either tied to a case or assignment

And what have I been doing with my time? Glad you asked!

  • I went to the Kellogg Marketing and PE/VC conferences. Giving up a 8+ hours of time is a killer, but I think it is worth it, especially if I can come away with at least one new idea or insight
  • My GF visited last weekend, and anytime I’m with her my school/work productivity goes down to 0. In contrast, my happiness and childish silliness productivity go through the roof. We didn’t have much time, but we visited the Museum of Contemporary Art, saw an improv show (not a very good one at that…), and dined at Le Colonial, which was recommended by my awesome, foodie classmate Jess
  • I’ve been working on an iPhone app. It’s nothing special, but it has been an excellent way to learn iOS. I think that the app has a total addressable market of roughly 2, assuming that I convince my GF she wants to use it. But that is just a back-of-the-envelope calculation. I’m going to write in more detail about it later, but in terms of time line, roughly 2-3 months of sporadic effort to learn the ropes and 1 month to write up most of it

Finally, and completely unrelated….to all of the DAKers joining us this weekend, have a fantastic time!

Jacobs - DAKI 2011