Fair warning…this is mainly a self-serving post meant to give me an excuse to put up a guitar video. Consider yourself warned!

I realized during my internship over the summer that when you are traveling for work you can generally only bring 1 check-in bag (for clothes, toiletries, etc) and 1 personal item, which ends up being the laptop bag. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first one is that you don’t want to check in bags, unless forced to, because that will slow down the entire team. The second one is that if you are sharing a car between 3-4 people, then you don’t have too much trunk space for nonessentials;  not even a trunk monkey!

I’m sure this is fairly obvious to anyone that has done consulting before, but it was news to me. So you have to figure out how to make do with those two items for the week. It was a bit hard at first because I’ve always been the type to pack a month’s worth of stuff for a 1-week trip, but once I figured it out, I was totally sold (and have been traveling this way ever since…even for my 3-week holiday break). I figured out how to manage for 4 days at the client site and bring 2 sets of clothes for jogging using what I can assure you is a tiny check-in bag.

Unfortunately, the week before I started traveling, I came up with the brilliant plan of buying a small guitar to bring with me so I could practice while traveling. It ended up sitting in my apartment most of the summer unused, but it has been coming in handy lately! So it wasn’t a total loss…