Last Quarter
My last round of bidding was a big success. I got all of the classes that I put in serious bids for (my 1 pt bid for Operations Strategy with Prof. Allon was a low-risk gamble). Although I was hoping to do another quarter full of marketing classes, I wasn’t able to find enough marketing classes that I was gun-ho about, and I had to take care of my global requirement, which I’m embarrassed to say I put off until the end (though I did try unsuccessfully to do a study abroad quarter). I still want to gain international exposure beyond a short stint, so I’ll have to take that into my own hands in the future.

After a brief bit of consideration, I pared down my schedule the last quarter to 3 classes that only meet on Tuesday and Friday. I’m stoked about that schedule because it should provide more flexibility for traveling, and I’ll have more uninterrupted time to be productive, though I fully expect to have to hike to Jacobs on my off days for group meetings.

For the last quarter, I’ll be taking:

  • International Business Strategy - My global requirement! Fortunately, I’ve enjoyed all of the strategy classes so far, and adding the international spin to it should make for an interesting perspective
  • Human Resource Management -  I’m really interested in the idea of corporate culture, with the end goal of trying to build one up from scratch one day, so this class was a natural fit. I was also really keen on taking Sales Force Management, which was the class I dropped, because I have a hunch it will be important for me in the future, but I’m sticking to my “depth” strategy (3 classes I can really dive into). I have some friends taking it, so I’ll probably pick their brains for the core ideas
  • Marketing Strategy - I dig the marketing, and this class normally comes highly recommended. It’s the capstone marketing course at Kellogg, and there are multiple rockstar professors at the helm. I thought about taking it with Prof. Hennessy, whose core marketing class I thoroughly enjoyed, but I thought I’d branch out and hear a fresh perspective from Prof. Calkins

Victory Lap
Although there is still a lot of planning left to do, the outline (flights are booked!) of the post-Kellogg victory lap has fallen into place. I’ll be spending two weeks in Europe with my GF. We’ll be visiting multiple cities during the trip, and I’ll have a chance to meet my globetrotting brother’s Danish wife. The schedule is:

  • London: 7/2 - 7/6
  • Paris: 7/7 - 7/11
  • Copenhagen: 7/12 - 7/16

Afterward, we’ll return to Austin at which point I’ll enter hibernation for a few months before emerging into the real world.