I just got back from a fantastic discussion with classmates about our next Marketing Channels case on Stihl, an interesting German outdoor, hand-held power equipment manufacturer that also happens to have some funny commercials.

The way the course is structured, the class is divided into 3 groups that are assigned to different case tracks. Each group writes up 2 different cases throughout the class. Fortunately, there was a tiny statement in the syllabus that said we can discuss cases with our classmates as long as we write it up individually, so a big portion of my case track group has gotten together to discuss each case a few days before it was due.

I love these types of discussions because they are a great way for everyone to test their hypotheses about the case in a low-pressure environment (not in class or in our submitted assignment) and learn from each other. Although I went in to the meeting certain that I knew how to approach the case, I came away with several new ideas that I hadn’t considered. So I’ll be rewriting some of my write-up tonight.