I just wrapped up my final review of our Marketing Channels group project, which we have to turn in by noon today (Update…we sent it off at 11:59, but due to technical issues, it didn’t get sent until 12:34). With that, I have wrapped up the end of my toughest week this quarter (as predicted by my most recent Wall of Assignments).

Activity 2/13 - 2/19 2/20 - 2/262/27 - 3/5
Coding 5.39.918.0
Talk to GF
IT Mktg 6.917.013.7
Tech Mktg
Mktg Channels
Sleep 48.952.250.8

*Numbers for past weeks are slightly different from last table because I fixed up the app time stuff to be more accurate.

There was a huge jump in the time I spent coding for what I think was the final push on the app. I made some major changes/additions this week that were pretty challenging (I no longer have a total grasp of all of the code). First, busicow, who is helping me test it, came up with a pretty slick way to add time to activities after the fact, something I had been struggling to figure out how to do elegantly. Second, the “boss,” who is using it to track her billable hours at work, suggested a cleaner way to present the information that I dug. At this point, I think I just need to do the administrative stuff to get it ready for submission.

I had assignments due in all of my classes on Thursday, Friday, and today. This was my last set of assignments for the quarter, so now I get to enjoy the last week of classes as I prepare for finals.

Marketing Channels continued to have the heaviest workload. I pretty much ignored most of the readings this past week so that I could have time to focus on the Stihl case that was due on Thursday and the group project. In addition to the group project, we have a take-home final and a group presentation, which I volunteered for of course! I’ll be one of two presenting on Thursday, and given my troubles with the public speaking, I’ll spend the next 4 days practicing my slides.

In IT-based Marketing, we had to run through a simulation in which we had to select credit card offers to send to 3 customer segments using suspect data. The goal was to maximize profitability, and unlike other simulations, we only had one attempt (a test mailing and mass rollout), so it felt very high stakes. In the end, we wound up getting one of the lowest total profitability scores in the class! And even that was due to some lucky things working our way, but no biggie….you can’t win them all.

I didn’t find the case in Tech Marketing very interesting, so I was glad when my team took an immediate “divide and conquer” approach to it, reducing the amount of time I’d have to spend on it. I took on 2 write up questions that I took care of early in the week, and then I didn’t spend much more time on it.

I’ve decided to use today as a recovery day for the week ahead. I’m going to do some gyming, watch a movie, play guitar, and pick up some foodstuffs. Pretty thrilling stuff!