Wow! This certainly happened faster than I thought it would when I predicted that Facebook would become a digital retailer 1 month ago. From my post:

So, I think sometime in the next two years we’ll see FB emerge as a digital marketplace that rivals the likes of Amazon and Apple. It will probably begin with FB and some other media company announcing an exciting partnership. Watch for it!

According to the story on All Things Digital (or HuffPost) - Facebook Begins Movie Rentals With Warner Bros

Now that’s over. The social media giant is taking its first step to connect you with movies and TV shows, while collecting a fee in the process. It’s going to let users rent movies directly from the site, using Facebook Credits to pay for the transaction.

First up is “The Dark Knight”, from Time Warner’s Warner Bros.. It will cost 30 credits, or $3, for a 48-hour rental, via an app the studio has built for the site. More movies, along with the ability to purchase the titles outright, are coming.

As the Huffpost points out, this is just the first salvo in what I’m sure will become an awesome rivalry between the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.