Another quarter down...1 more to go

It is incredibly satisfying to see all of my assignments crossed off on the Wall of Assignments. Although I’m not technically done (I still need to review my write-up for the Marketing Channels final), I don’t think I’ll be spending much more time on this quarter. So I feel pretty comfortable jumping the gun and tacking on the “half A.”

Here is my final update to weekly times for the quarter.

Activity 2/13 - 2/19 2/20 - 2/262/27 - 3/53/6 - 3/123/13-3/14
Coding 5.39.918.00.9
Talk to GF
IT Mktg 6.917.013.73.6
Tech Mktg
Mktg Channels
Sleep 48.952.250.855.6

This last week I allowed myself to decompress fully before the finals leading to the larger amount of sleep and misc time. I hope this gives a decent sense of the workload in grad school. Although I’m only taking 3 classes, coding the app has pretty much been like a 4th class in itself. If you wanted to factor in for something else like recruiting or a 5-quarter schedule, you would pretty much reduce sleep to around 42 hours per week, cut out Gym/Guitar/Coding time, and get the balance from Misc time. Of course, schedules vary by student given different priorities, so just consider this one point of data.

IT Mktg
The last week in IT-based Marketing was very relaxed. We had a case discussion in one class that was somewhat high-level without any number-crunching or modeling—a welcome change from the past few weeks—and then a summary of everything we had covered. The professor invited all of us over to his house for drinks and conversation, but I wasn’t able to make it out due to my Tech MKTG class.

Tech Mktg
As soon as I wrapped up the Marketing Channels presentation, I turned my full attention to the Tech Marketing final, which I took yesterday via the early option. Going into final prep, I’m usually hazy about everything that we’ve covered, especially since I’ve been shifting between different classes, but I’m always amazed at how much stuff comes back to me when I am reviewing it. At first I was kind of worried about this final, but once I realized how much content I had retained, I relaxed. Sure enough, the final, which was definitely a time crunch, wasn’t all that bad. I’m going to miss the Thursday Twitter sessions for this class.

Mktg Channels
We had a take-home final in Marketing Channels that was very similar to all of the other case assignments we’ve had. Apparently, I’m not great at writing these things up (as I’ve missed out on the elusive + both times), but I’m not terrible either. Since I have spent so much time on this class throughout the quarter, I didn’t really have to spend much time reviewing material for the final. I’m still not completely done with it, but all that is left is to review it tomorrow morning with a fresh mind and then submit.

Sustaining myself
I had a great conversation with a few prospective students on Friday, and one of them asked me how I sustain myself in grad school. The implication was that given how busy things can get, it must be hard to prepare food all of the time. Once again, this is one of those things where your experience will vary, but I personally don’t enjoy cooking that much, so I always go with quick meals (<30 minutes to prep/eat) from Whole Foods (since its in walking distance of my apt). Here are a few of my staple items for this quarter:

  • Granola cereal - I buy this in bulk via Amazon Subscribe-and-Save. I’ve lost track of how many boxes I’ve eaten at Kellogg, but the number is approaching, if not above, triple digits
    I've eaten at least twice my weight in granola while at #kellogg
  • Gardein Trios - I happened upon these things at Whole Foods early in the quarter and have been buying them ever since. It is basically a vegetarian meal for <$4 that takes around 15 minutes to prep and eat. Although I’ve had problems with the packaging, it seems like they’ve finally fixed it up a bit lately.
  • Green Tea
  • Salad and salmon (prepped via a little toaster oven)
  • Misc frozen meals and pizza

My offer to match donations for relief efforts in Japan is still on the table and will be until I’ve hit my goal. Fortunately, I’ve had a few people take me up on the offer so far, so a big chunk has already been contributed. Thanks.