Last week I got an email from my future employer with the list of start dates available to me. In the past, I would have jumped on the earliest start date, because I hate being dormant when I could instead be making things happen. It was exactly this logic that convinced me to slip into my job at IBM without any sort of vacation after undergrad. In fact, I was already working at IBM part-time when I graduated, so it just became a matter of multiplying my hours x2 the Monday following graduation.

In hindsight, I now wish that I had at least taken a week off because once I started working full-time, I threw myself into it full bore, often at the expense of other parts of my life. And although I was able to do a lot of cool stuff at IBM, delaying that sprintathon by one or two weeks would have probably had little or no impact on my career trajectory.

Given that experience, I immediately crossed off the earliest option. My inclination was to settle with the middle option, which I thought would be the “safest” bet, allowing me to decompress a bit and travel without postponing the reentry into work-life by too much. But then I thought about why I was going with the safest best, and all I could come up with was “because that seems like what I would do.” That wasn’t a good enough reason, so ultimately, I settled on the latest start data available, in part to rebel against “what I would do,” and ended up getting it! Since then, I’ve heard from a few recent Kellogg alums that said it was a smart move.

So now, I’m looking forward to having four months off after I graduate and starting the sprintathon again in October. Although that’s a pretty long period of time to not have any pressing responsibilities, I’ve already started thinking about how to make the most of that time. Beyond the two-week victory lap through Europe, I have to:

  • Get a haircut
  • Do all of the prep work to transplant myself into Dallas
  • Set up a post-Kellogg blog
  • Reflect on everything, past, present, and future
  • Reconnect with friends, family, and of course, the GF
  • Work my way through a couple of lists of “must read” books that I’ve been building while in school
  • Continue working on another side project that I put on hold to focus on 168 Hours

I’m certain that other things will find their way onto my list between now and then, but hopefully, I’ll have more than enough time to get it all done.