Wall of Assignments - Last quarter

I just finished putting up the Wall of Assignments for this quarter, and things are looking so-so. It’s nowhere near as busy as the 3rd quarter, which is when I first put up the wall after completely missing an assignment early on (fortunately, my team covered my butt on that one).

This quarter, the work is pretty evenly distributed, but there is still the usual spike in assignments at the end of the quarter that always makes things “fun.” I really appreciated the schedule for IT-based Marketing. In that class, there was never a big spike, and the bulk of the work wrapped up in the 9th week, leaving the last week for review.

In terms of workload, it looks like Marketing Strategy will be filling in as the “beast,” at least in terms of raw # of assignments. This quarter, I have two course projects, two final presentations, two midterms, and two finals. It’s hard to tell at this point how long I’ll actually spend on each class, but I’m going to use 168 Hours (gratuitous app plug!) to try and track the time each week (assuming I can keep borrowing my friend’s iPhone).

Unfortunately, I now know that I won’t be able to make it down to Austin for my GF’s birthday. Total bummer.