I’ve been using my app to track my time this quarter, and I’ve been struck several times by how different the “released” version is from the initial version that I started working on in early January. I think this image showing my early layout for the Activity window and what it ended up looking like is a great example of what I mean.


A lot of the improvements I made were the direct result of feedback that I got from my friends that were testing it. If it weren’t for that feedback:

  • the app would look uglier
  • there wouldn’t be a way to save off your data
  • there wouldn’t be a way to reassign time to activities (I wasn’t going to have a way to add time to an activity after the fact because I couldn’t figure out a good way to do it)
  • there would have been far more inconsistencies
  • the info in the app would have been presented in a very different way
  • there wouldn’t be an option to alternate between a day and week view on the main screen
  • …and a lot of other minor stuff I’m forgetting

This experience really reinforced the notion that an idea can become so much better when you are willing to share it with people and take their feedback into consideration. And the sooner you share it, the better. Incidentally, I also saw this happen a lot during my internship….iterating is a powerful thing.

So this post is kind of like my indirect way of thanking everyone that helped me with the app.

And it is also the last time I’ll write about it…I promise.

Ok…that last promise is probably a lie. I’m going to try and upload the code somewhere like GitHub in case anyone ever wants it for anything. So I was going to give the heads up when it is available.

But outside of that post, nothing else.