As far as Kellogg goes, I’m pretty much in a holding pattern right now. I know exactly what I need to do to take care of my last three classes, and I don’t anticipate any big surprises.

I do have a few presentations at the end of the quarter, but the outlook for those doesn’t seem all that bad. In fact, I just had one today in International Biz Strategy, and it went swimmingly. We were the first team to lead a 15-minute discussion in the class (on corporate “decentering”), so now I can relax knowing that is out of the way.

With my school stuff in cruise control, I’ve started thinking about life post Kellogg. I hope to continue meeting new folks, amongst other things, and I imagine that from time to time I’ll need to hand out a card. Unfortunately, the business cards that I got the first year in school aren’t well-suited for a more general purpose…and they are kind of generic/dull. I’m sure that makes them perfect for recruiting, but nonetheless, generic and dull. To be fair, they are very affordable, and that is goodness early on in the student life cycle.

Kellogg business card

* Note the awesome job I did of removing my personal information

I decided to make some new cards with the help of my patient GF. I tested said patience by continuously bugging her to change things in one very long design session, but it worked out. I just got the cards in today, and I am pleased. I’ve got 250 of these things now, so I better make the most of them.

Personal card