I nabbed a video of Professor Sawhney delivering the opening remarks today at the 2011 Kellogg Technology Conference.

*I started recording about 1 minute into it

One of the topics he briefly mentions is entrepreneurship (of the tech variety), which seems to be picking up in the Kellogg/Northwestern region. For example, I was told that Innuvation’s monthly pitch competition used to be held annually. Furthermore, one of my classmates, an uber hacker extraordinaire, put together a hackathon that wrapped up at the same time as the conference earlier today. And, per Prof. Sawhney’s remarks, there is a chance that the Center for Research in Technology and Innovation will fund an incubator at Kellogg with some serious coin. That would be awesome.

I was chatting with one of the panelists, Alex White, a Northwestern University grad who co-founded Next Big Sound, at lunch, and he also thinks there is a noticeable uptick in entrepreneurial activity versus when he was here. He jokingly mentioned that just a few years ago there were probably only a couple of people that would have been interested in the hackathon, and they would have opted to skip it.

So, if you are interested in tech entrepreneurship, it sounds like things are getting better and better in the Kellogg bubble.