Before grad school, I remember coming across someone’s blog post that mentioned that getting in to a school doesn’t mean you stop applying for stuff. They said that you have to apply for practically everything in grad school, and although not entirely true, it does generally hold for the more popular activities, like studying abroad for a quarter.

At the end of last quarter, I found out that when it comes to graduating, there’s an app for that. It’s a pretty short form in which you specify a handful of things like how you want your name to appear on the diploma and what your intended majors are.

After the app period closes, the school does an audit to make sure you’ve met all of the requirements to graduate and get your majors.

I got my audit results this week, and I’ve been approved to leave the bubble and venture out into the world with 3 majors:

  • Management & Organizations
  • Management & Strategy
  • Marketing

The major in Management & Strategy wasn’t intentional, but I’ll take it.