Activity 3/27 4/034/104/174/245/01
Intl Biz Strat 8.410.711.910.819.313.1
Mktg Strat 4.813.912.812.717.36.8
HR Mgmt 11.86.613.710.87.112.2

* Note that 3 hours each week is spent in class

I saw a serious drop in the time that I spent on class stuff due to the Leadership Competition, which took up most of Wednesday, and my weekend trip to Austin. I brought a bunch of school work with me to Austin, but as expected, I only looked at it on the flight.

Now that I’m over the midterm hump, I’m expecting 3 easy weeks as far as school goes before things pick up again for the final push, which includes a combination of final projects, assignments, and finals in the 10th/11th week.

I thought I had fallen behind a lot on readings as I focused on midterms and assignments, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of my classes scaled back the reading workload last week, so I only have a few extra chapters to read in HR Management in order to get caught back up.

International Business Strategy
At this point in the class, there are only 2 things left to take care of: the final project and the final. My team has been really good about spreading out the work for the project, so I think we’ll be able to avoid a last-minute scramble to get it done. We are using a “divide-and-conquer” variation that I’ve never tried before for a paper/presentation. Normally, we take on different sections of the paper, but this time around, we divided up the research, the paper, and the presentation. I wanted to front load the work as much as possible, so I volunteered to take on the research and work on the outline, which we started on 5/01 and finished yesterday. My partner and I will still be supporting the team with additional research, but at this point on, I’m pretty much done with the class outside of prepping for the final.

Marketing Strategy
We turned in a case writeup in class today that I wasn’t able to put much time into. Since I anticipated that would happen, I volunteered to take on the update that we turned in a few weeks ago, and it all worked out. That’s one of the benefits of working in teams; there always seem to be some teammates that are less busy than others, allowing you to divide the work accordingly. Unfortunately, I’ve found that you lose this benefit if a lot of the teammates are taking the same classes, because then the workloads are much more correlated.

The MarkStart simulation is starting to wind down. We only have 2 rounds left, and our strategy is pretty much set for those rounds, so now we are starting to shift attention to the final project. We have to write a marketing plan for a company of our choosing. Since I don’t have to worry about the Intl Biz Strat project, it should be easier to put time into this.

Human Resource Management
Not much going on here. I’m behind in the class, so I’ll spend additional time on it this week to catch up, but otherwise, we are just chugging along. We have 2 more team assignments to turn in, but those rarely take more than 3-4 hours to take care of. My team has also been using the “divide-and-conquer” approach here, but I’ve opted to do all of the problems anyways for my own benefit since the HWs are so short. At first, I thought that would help out with the midterm and final, but then I found out that the tests tend to be almost completely conceptual (short answers) to balance the quantitative nature of the HWs. He warned us about that in class, but I missed it.

Beyond classes, I’ve been spending more time going out with friends (dinners, drinks, etc). In fact, this is easily the most social quarter I’ve had this year, if not both years. I’m still on the low end of the socializing spectrum, but it is great to spend some more time with friends before we all go our separate ways.