Packed boxes

*Note the aggressive use of packing tape

Last year around this time, I was trying to set myself up for the temporary move down to Dallas for my internship. In theory, I didn’t have to worry about my stuff in Evanston because it would just stay in my apartment until I came back to reclaim my throne in the Fortress of Solitude (I chose to move into a smaller apartment to save cash, so I did have to worry about it…but you probably won’t).

This time around it’s different. There is no coming back to Evanston, so I do have to figure what to do with the few things I have. I could use my moving stipend (thanks future employer!) to have a moving company handle all of the messy details for me, but I don’t own enough stuff to make that worthwhile; the movers would come in, probably feel sorry for me, and then take my 10 boxes or so down with them. And I’d rather use that money to fund my 4 months of post-Kellogg, Kung Fu-style adventures.

In lieu of movers, I’ve come up with a game plan for moving myself. I’m going to

  • give away as much stuff as possible (being as ruthless as possible in getting rid of stuff)
  • mail whatever I’m keeping to my free storage unit (my parent’s house)
  • take whatever I need to survive with me on the flight (clothes, toothbrush, laptop…if the internet were tangible, I’d pack it too).

I’m spreading out the boxing and mailing of things over the next few weeks, so I’ve already started packing. Now I just need to let it sink in that I’ve already started packing to leave E-town for the foreseeable future.